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Article Id 191000
This article explains how the configuration file of a FortiGate can be retrieved by a FortiManager through the GUI or the CLI.
Retrieving the configuration file using CLI can be used to gather more debug information if the retrieve process fails in the GUI.


Use the following debug to retrieve the OID of the device in question:
#diagnose dvm device list
Once the OID value is known, the following command can be executed to retrieve the configuration file of the device in question:
#diagnose test deploymanager reloadconf                  <------OID value from the previous step

Sample Configuration:
# diagnose dvm device list
--- There are currently 2 devices/vdoms managed ---

TYPE            OID    SN               HA      IP              NAME                                 ADOM                                 IPS                FIRMWARE

fmg/faz enabled 158    FGVM0X00000XXXX -       FGVM010000******                     root                                 6.00741 (regular)  5.0 MR4 (7605)
                |- STATUS: db: not modified; conf: out of sync; cond: unknown; dm: autoupdated; conn: down
                |- vdom:[3]root flags:1 adom:root pkg:[imported]FGVM010000******

where the OID will be 158 for the respective FortiGate.
# diagnose test deploymanager reloadconf 158