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This article explains how to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to the FSAE Collector Agent "service" freezing and shutting down.

All FortiOS versions.
All FSAE versions.

Port conflict issues can sometimes cause the FSAE Collector Agent to shutdown and prevent users from browsing. The FSAE Collector Agent log may show the following error message on startup:
08/27/2010 15:41:49 [ 5968] cleanup the dcagent packet list.
08/27/2010 15:41:49 [ 4472] service exit
08/27/2010 15:41:49 [ 4472] FSAE collector agent stopped.
This could mean that there is a process already bound to port 8000 or port 8002 other than the FSAE Collector Agent itself.

This can be checked by opening a DOS window and running the command

c:\netstat -noa


For more information on how to determine which program uses or blocks specific transmission control protocol ports refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article at

Check which process (PID) is using these ports on the server where the FSAE Collector Agent is installed.

For example, in the following netstat output there is a conflict between the PID's 1304 and 528 listening on ports 8000 and 8002:

UDP hey_xxxx:8002 *:* 1304
TCP hey_xxxx:8000 hey_bkoff.x.x.x:0 LISTENING 528
The netstat output should show that the PID's match as shown below. In this example the FSAE Collector Agent is 2744:

UDP quark-vm6:8002 *:* 2744
TCP quark-vm6:8000 quark-vm6.quark-vm6.lab:0 LISTENING 2744
To repair the conflict use a process explorer such as the one available on the Microsoft technet web site at

Use this tool to identify the PID creating the conflict then change the application causing the conflict to another port.  Ensure that ports 8000 and 8002 are listening and using the correct PID for the FSAE Collector Agent (collectoragent.exe).

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