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Changes were implemented when displaying lists in Policy & Objects in the GUI of both 5.4.6 and 5.6.3.  These changes result in an improvement in performance.
It should be noted that the "set global-label" option was removed from 5.4.7 and 5.6.3 but will again be added back in releases 5.4.8 and 5.6.4.


FortiOS 5.4.6 and FortiOS 5.6.3


Although the changes were implemented in both 5.4.6 and 5.6.3, details of the changes are only listed in the v5.4.6 release notes (Page 9).

Policy list display changes

To improve performance, FortiOS 5.4.6 implemented the following changes when displaying lists in Policy& Objects.

In Policy & Objects > Addresses:

  • The Address | Group | All option at the top is removed and all addresses and groups are displayed in sections.
  • Paging options at the bottom are removed.
  • The group member count is moved to the Details column.

In Policy & Objects > Policy lists:
  • The Sequence view and Seq.# column are removed.
  • Custom sections (global-labels) are no longer supported.
  • To start searching, press Enter, click the search button or click outside the search box.
  • Column filters are reset when you leave or reload the page.
  • Section expands/collapse settings are reset when you leave or reload the page.

NOTE : Users of v5.6.3 should be aware that these changes also apply to this release.  The option is available in v5.6.4