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Description "How Tos" for link aggregation
  • FortiGate models supporting Link Aggregation are described in the related article FortiGate 802.3ad Link Aggregation FAQ
Steps or Commands

How can I tell what interfaces can be used in a trunk?

The FortiGate v3.0 Administration Guide chapter on creating interfaces lists the restrictions for creating a trunk. Some of it is included below.

An interface is available for aggregation only if

  • it is a physical interface, not a VLAN interface
  • it is not already part of an aggregated interface
  • it is in the same VDOM as the aggregated interface
  • it has no defined IP address and is not configured for DHCP or PPPoE
  • it has no DHCP server or relay configured on it
  • it does not have any VLAN subinterfaces
  • it is not referenced in any firewall policy, VIP, IP Pool or multicast policy
  • it is not an HA heartbeat interface
  • it is a FGT-5000 backplane interface, it must be visible

How do I configure an interface to use link aggregation using CLI commands?

If port 2 and port 3 are available, the following CLI commands create an aggregate called "link_agg" with an IP/netmask of on the root vdom using those two interfaces. You can optionally set other interface settings.


config system interface
            edit "link_agg"
            set vdom "root"
            set ip
            set type aggregate
            set member "port2""port3"


How do I configure my HA setup to use link aggregation?

In the HA section of the FortiGate HA Overview there is a very good explanation and diagram showing an easy way to configure two FortiGate units in an HA configuration using link aggregation.

How do I check the number of statically configured ports in a trunk?

Use the following CLI command:

show system interface <trunk-name>

How do I check the number of dynamically configured ports in a trunk and in use?

Use the following CLI command:

diagnose netlink interface name <trunk-name>

How do I check the aggregate speed of a trunk?

This is not currently supported. However as mentioned above in MR1 and up you can use SNMP to find the aggregate speed of the trunk.

See also the related article "FortiGate 802.3ad Link Aggregation FAQ".


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