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This article explains how emails can be generated as notifications that a FortiGate device has entered conserve mode.



All FortiGate devices.



When the FortiGate enters conserve mode this is a 'Critical' log event and a 'Critical' event entry will be written into the logs of the device. 
To be notified of this event by email, simply configure in Log&Report -> Alert E-mail and configure the alert level for logs based on severity.
The related KB article 'How do I configure alert email?' provides further information on the configuration of alerts.

Starting from 6.4, it is possible to use automation stitch to be notified about conserve mode through email, and furthermore to collect information about which process would consume more memory with CLI script action output 16K characters.
More info: Technical Tip: Automation stitch for conserve mode 

For version 6.0, it is possible to send automation stitch alerts without using CLI script action Technical Tip: Use FortiGate automation stitches for alert emails.

For version 6.2, it is possible to send an alert with a limited output of '4K' characters only which has increased to '16K' characters starting from 6.4.


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