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This article describes the HQIP test package.
For details about running this test in different units, check the following guides:
All units.

HQIP (Hardware Quick Inspection Package) is a hardware diagnostic firmware image that detects common hardware problems on FortiGates. 
It can perform tests on a number hardware elements including CPU, Memory, Compact Flash, Hard Disk, and PCI devices (NIC/ASIC), as well as perform actions such as component loop test, factory default restore, and reformat hard drive.

It does not detect all hardware malfunctions although tests for the most common hardware problems are performed. 
It does not diagnose issues that cause a device to be unstable, detect software configuration errors, detect OS bugs, or detect OS Kernel Crash issues (one type of OS bug). It does not diagnose devices with multiple hard drives.

HQIP Image File:
To perform an HQIP test, the appropriate HQIP Image File is required.  This can be determined from the serial number of the device under test.
The same Image File is not always applicable for all units of a given model. (For example, for all FortiGate 300C's).
An HQIP Image is not always necessary (for example, for a FortiGate 30E) when the OS has the HQIP commands built-in.

There is a download option available on the Customer Service and Support web portal for all customers with devices covered by FortiCare contracts. It is located in the 'Download' section of the home page. Simply enter the device serial number to obtain a link to download the correct HQIP Image File.

If the download option is unable to identify the correct image file for a device the following message will be displayed:
Invalid Input Data:
An appropriate HQIP Image cannot be found for the SN that has been entered.
If the SN belongs to the FortiGate product family under the E-Series model line or above, please use the built-in FortiOS hardware diagnostic commands and see the HQIP Article for further instructions.
For all other scenarios, please create an RMA ticket for assistance
In this case, if a unit has no HQIP image, and does not belong to the FortiGate E-Series model line or above, create an RMA ticket, enter the serial number(s) of the devices, and request the HQIP Image File.
Important Note:
TAC will not perform the HQIP test for the customers. It has to be done by the user, during maintainence window. If you face issues with cabling, feel free to reach out to your local partner/local vendor/reseller.

Full details of running an HQIP test are given in the attached "Running an HQIP (Hardware Quick Inspection Package) Test" document.

Refer to the related KB article for instructions on running the built-in HQIP commands for FortiOS 5.4 and above on selected FortiGates.