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This article describes how to run a  script remotely on a  FortiGate, using Tera Term software to capture the data on a timely basis. This is useful to collect info to analyze the overall health of the device performance and it is also used to capture intermittent issue which occurs randomly such as CPU or memory spike.

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Refer to this KB article for the TAC debug script (
Many SSH tools can be used, but in this example, Teraterm will be used to run the monitoring script.

Here are the steps to use the monitoring script with Teraterm:


To run the script follow the steps mentioned below.


  1. Download Tera Term.
  2. Run ttermpro from a PC connected to the LAN and log in to the firewall.
  3. Run the script by selecting Control then Macro and selecting the script (file with .ttl extension).
  4. Do not close the logging or script window.


Change the terminal width settings as shown below:

  1. Go to Setup then Terminal.
  2. Change the settings (Terminal Size) to as shown below.







Sample scripts are attached.   

 If the script gets logout automatically, adjust the login timeout period following this command:


config system global
    set admin-ssh-grace-time <number_of_seconds> <<max 3600 seconds

    set admintimeout  <number_of_minutes< << max 480 minutes