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This article describes how to restart or check on the progress of SQL rebuilds in FortiAnalyzer.


In most cases, once a SQL rebuild has been initiated on a FortiAnalyzer, it is best to let it complete.

However, in some cases, it might be desirable to restart that SQL rebuild. 


This can be useful to restart the rebuild from a much later start-time. In that case, the rebuild would be faster and the resulting database would be much smaller.







In the above example, change the start-time from the default value.


config system sql
    set start-time 2000/01/01  # <- Change this to some later time & date.


Current rebuild status:


diag sql status rebuild-db


Rebuilding log SQL database has been processed 40%.

Although it is not possible to cancel a rebuild, you can then just reissue the exact same rebuild command.


exec sql-local rebuild-db


After the resulting reboot, check the rebuild status again. Notice that it will reflect a lower %, indicating that the rebuild has restarted.

After a reboot:


diag sql status rebuild-db
Rebuilding log SQL database has been processed 5%


Note: Rebooting a FortiAnalyzer during the reboot process does not cancel the rebuild. The rebuild will resume from wherever it left off prior to reboot.

Alternate Approach: Using rebuild-adom

It is also possible to request the rebuild of only a single ADOM.
Again, re-issue the same command to do this.

First, run:


exec sql-local rebuild-adom root

Rebuild log SQL database of ADOM 'root' has been requested.
This operation will remove the log SQL database for ADOM 'root' and rebuild from log data.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

Request to rebuild ADOM 'root' sumbitted successfully.


diag sql status rebuild-adom
root             percent: 52% bg-rebuild:Yes start:"Mon () 2015_06_01 16:54:10" took:138(s) remain:127(s)...

Afterwards, run the following:


exec sql-local rebuild-adom root
diag sql status rebuild-adom
root             percent:  0% bg-rebuild:Yes start:"Mon (1) 2015_06_01 16:56:41" took:1(s) remain:10(s)...


In this case, the time at which the rebuild request was submitted is displayed and shows as being later than the first attempt.