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Fortinet support is only available for products which have been purchased directly from Fortinet authorized channels. 
Products not purchased from Fortinet authorized channels are not eligible, and cannot be supported

This includes:

- Used products purchased through any second hand marketplace (including online stores and auction sites).

- New products purchased through any marketplace (including online stores and auction sites) where the seller is not an authorized Fortinet partner.

This article describes how to register a unit which has been purchased as second hand.

Ownership of a unit has to transfer within an organization as follows:

1) If no support account exists for the new owner, create one by following the 'Sign Up' link at

2) The current owner of the unit submits a customer service ticket via the asking  to have the unit removed from the account or transferred to the new owner. 
The ticket details includes the unit serial number and the account to which the unit is to be transferred.

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