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This article explains how to use the decommissioned products feature on the Fortinet Support Portal to remove products from the list of active assets registered to an account.

The feature eases the management of the installed base and provides an alternative to permanently removing the registration of an asset.

A product can be moved back from the list of decommissioned products into the active assets at any time.


When a product is moved to the decommissioned list it will no longer appear in the Asset Management > Products > Product List display and it will no longer be possible to create a support ticket for the product.  All ticket and contract information related to the product will still be available within the Support Portal.  However, it should be noted that the product must be removed from the decommissioned list in order to see the contract history.


Access to the decommissioned products list.


Log in to the Fortinet Support Portal using the master account ID or the ID of a sub account with full access or IAM user with admin access to AM portal.  Go to Asset Management > Decommissioned Units.




All assets that are currently in the decommissioned list will be displayed.


Updating the decommissioned products list.


Products can be added to the list or removed from the list by using the '+ Add' and 'Trash' options.


To add, select '+ Add' and simply enter the product serial number or a list of serial numbers separated by commas and select 'Add'.  An error message will be displayed if the operation cannot be completed.



Read the Warning and accept it.







To remove items from the list, simply select the item and use the 'Trash' option.




Users can also navigate to ‘Product List’ > Filter the serial number > Click ‘Decommission This Unit’




For more information refer to the Help (msrinivasan_6-1689513756717.png) option on the Asset Management page.



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