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This article explains how to remove an asset from the list of products registered to an account.  This is useful when products are no longer used or have been disposed of.

The Support Portal does include a "Decommissioned Units" option in the "Asset Management" section.  This functionality does not de-register units from the account, it simply hides them from the current asset list and prevents them being linked to new tickets.

The Service & Support Web Portal does not currently include an option to remove or de-register a product from the list of assets associated with an account.

If a product needs to be removed from the asset list then it is recommended to create a Customer Service ticket on the Web Portal at
  • Set the ticket category to CS Registration.
  • Provide the serial number(s) of the product(s) that are to be removed.
If the request is submitted by a sub-account, approval will be required from the master account administrator before the de-registration can be processed.

Customer Service will process the request and notify you when completed.

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