It is important to always complete the registration of all Fortinet products and contracts. This article explains how to register a large number of devices or contracts.

The Service & Support Web Portal does not currently include a bulk registration option.

If a large number of devices or contracts are to be registered then it is recommended to create a Customer Service ticket on the Web Portal at https://support.fortinet.com.  It is necessary to first create an account.

Set the ticket category to CS Batch Request.

Provide a list of the serial numbers and contract registration codes that are to be registered, and confirm the account ID (email address) of the account against which they are to be registered.  Ideally this list should be created in an excel file and attached to the ticket.

Customer Service will process the request and notify you when completed.  In the event that one or more serial numbers or contracts cannot be registered, Customer Service will complete a partial registration and inform you of any exceptions.