Operational technology (OT) organizations across many industries are using technology to transform their business, but these benefits can lead to increased risks as well. 


Granting third-party contractors and remote employees remote access to OT systems presents a unique challenge because these remote endpoints are often unable to have endpoint security agents installed, leaving the OT network vulnerable to misuse and other insider threats.  


FortiSRA helps OT organizations implement secure remote access, mitigating the risk associated with maintaining external access to critical OT resources. FortiSRA is an agentless solution, so OT organizations can employ remote protections without having to deploy a software agent on third-party and remote employee endpoints.  


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FortiSRA offers a rich set of capabilities and controls to help secure remote access and encourage safe transformation for OT organizations. Features include:  


  • An agentless solution for third-party and hybrid/remote employees 
  • User access and privilege management controls 
  • Automated password management and rotation 
  • Remote session monitoring, logging, and recording 
  • High availability (HA) and active/standby HA capabilities for improved uptime 
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP) 
  • Secure file management with next-generation antivirus (NGAV) scanning 


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Figure 1: FortiSRA Dashboard 




FortiSRA - Secret Definition.jpg

Figure 2: Secret Definition 



Fortinet’s development of an advanced secure remote access solution expands its current OT security portfolio to offer the industry’s most comprehensive suite of protections for OT organizations. Whether it’s NGFW and IPS with OT protocol support via Fortinet’s FortiGuard OT Security Service, or the Fortinet portfolio of ruggedized secure networking appliances, including NGFWs, switches, access points (APs), and 5G/LTE gateways, to our more specialized solutions for OT including the FortiDeceptor service – Fortinet is uniquely positioned to protect industrial networks across many verticals.  


FortiSRA adds a key component to the Fortinet OT Security platform. Try FortiSRA and secure remote access to your OT systems today. 


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