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How can I get a forensic image of my FortiGate firewall?
Hello,I am wondering what the default Link Speed / Duplex setting is on the WAN interface on the 40F and can it be manually changed to 10/100Base-TX? We have a media convertor that only supports 10/100Base-TX and when I connect to the WAN port I get ...
I am wondering if it is possible to allow a specific IP address from a VPN client? I understand you can allow from regions but we have 2 host VMs in an Azure cloud that have the FortiGate VPN client installed. They will be SSL VPN into the network wi...
I am seeking clarity on this advisory. A use of GET request method with sensitive query strings vulnerability [CWE-598] in the FortiOS SSL VPN component may allow an attacker to view plaintext passwords of remote services such as RDP or VNC, if the a...