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I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for adding bad actor IP addresses to an address group? I receive a list almost every month in a xls format and would like to just have a time-saving way of getting them in the group.
I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on the compromised hosts module in Fortigate. I see several hosts in the list, however, there are no details that I can see that details as to why it has been deemed as such. Am I just overlooking somethi...
First of all let me say that I am not a reverse proxy expert but I am trying to secure our network. Right now I use the VIP option for server sitting in the DMZ. However, if possible I would like to move to a reverse proxy option and get rid of all v...
I have noticed that in some of my logs, the DNS hostname field for external IP addresses has an entry of ChangeMe. For the firewall DNS settings I have one of my internal DNS servers and then one of googles open DNS servers. Anyone seen this before?
I am also very disappointed with my FAZ. The reporting is not useful. I have been trying forever to get answers about some of it. For example, we frequently get requests from managers for an employee' s web browsing history for the past month. I have...