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Hi!is Master session information showing "helper=sip" applicable to Proxy-based (ie. ALG), or Kernel-based (SIP Session Helper) or both types?And, what does 'state=' specifying "inherit_sockport" value mean?R's, Alex
Hi!various "diagnose internet-service" commands show Country, Region and City codes in its printouts.Whilst Country codes can be translated to names using ISO 3166-2, there doesn't seem to be equivalent standard for for Region and City codes. Is ther...
Hi!whilst configured parameter of "Log Storage Policy" are seen using "diagnose log device", is there a CLI command to show "Actual Logs for X Days" I see in GUI?Also.. is there a command to show values seen "Analytics Storage Statistics" (when one c...
Hi!I'm trying to understand the relationship between periods specified in "System Settings" -> Storage Info: Data Policy : Keep Logs for Archive"... and "System Settings" -> "Advanced" -> "File Management" : Automatically Delete : "Device log files o...
Hello!is there a CLI command authorize "Unauthorized Devices" - equivalent to that in FortiAnalyzer "Device Manger" GUI?R's, Alex
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