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Hi Guys. I am wondering if a host is registered via device profiling but not maching any user policy than why it is still getting an IP from any other vlan than isolation ? Also if no nap is matched does fortinac should put this user into either reme...
Stage 4. Define Registration Methods. Once a host is learned from FortiNAC, it will be marked with the Rogue(?) host state.This means that FortiNAC has not yet categorized or profiled this device as a known device type and will keep it in the isolati...
Hey So I am currently handling a migration from ASA to Fortinet for which I had encountered many challenging NAT statements but this one is the most confusing with not much solution available as per my research so far. Any help would be appreciated S...
Hi I have an example statement nat (inside,outside) source static obj- obj- As per my understanding, this will work both ways in ASA, means either is the originator or, this rule will work for both in ASA ( co...
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