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Hi All, We have purchased FortiAnalyzer VM license and received "Contract Registration Code".We don't have internet access, so we need to do offline license registration for FAZ.Normally, for physical device we use serial number and contract registra...
Hi All, For HA Reserved interface, can we use a totally different subnet as below?FortiGateA Mgmt: Mgmt: Thank you so much
Hi All, We have FortiGate HA monitored by FortiAnalyzer. In FortiAnalyzer , we cannot see UP/Down status of each FortiGate from HA pairs .The FortiAnalyzer only show connection status down only when both FortiGate from HA cluster down.We didn't notic...
Hi,We are going to deploy FortiAnalyzer VM and not sure how much HDD size we should use.As per the link below we can calculate the estimate HDD size using the formula HDD=LR*(RA/5+3*RR)*1.1. https://community.fortinet.com/t5/FortiAnalyzer/Technical-T...
Hi All, We've configured FortiAnalyzer HA in our environment and have configured Peer IP and Cluster Virtual IP.From FortiGate to send log to FortiAnalyzer , which interface IP of FAZ should be use ? Cluster Virtual IP or Peer IP ?Also what is the pu...
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