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Hi In the FortiOS Release Notes for version 7.2.5 under New features or enhancements, Feature ID 894191 mentions "Improve GUI memory consumption for FortiGates with 2 GB of RAM or less". At what cost was this accomplished? Anyone have such informatio...
HelloI observe in the GUI version v7.4.0-build2223 (VM FAZ) a problem with the correct handling of CSS. The issue affects browsers with the Chromium engine (Chrome, Edge). I've tried on different computers and the problem persists on all of them. Eve...
Hello I may ask a stupid question - forgive me ;) - will this configuration work: FG60F + LAN with unmanaged switches. In your FG, one of the physical LAN ports (e.g. LAN3) belongs to the VLAN Switch. If I create a new VLAN interface and connect it t...
Hello everyone In Local in policy in my FG, UDP ports 500 and 4500 are active by default. I do not use IPsec and would like to disable these ports. How can I do this in CLI?
Hi 1. I am having trouble identifying the traffic that is taking place on UDP ports 137 and 138 on some hosts in my network. In the Fortigate logs they look like this: date="2023-03-31" time="09:43:53" id=7216628389765971970 bid=5122846 dvid=1043 iti...
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