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Description This article describes the steps to re-build cluster on FortiWeb Scope FortiWeb all platforms Solution 1. Back up the configuration from the current Master node. 2. Access the FortiWEB unit that needs to be added to the cluster, run the c...
Description This article discusses about activating license using the same license(.lic) file which was used previously would result in error 'Duplicate license has been detected'. Scope Solution Wait for 90 minutes for the license to update. This ma...
DescriptionThis article explains how to enable the debug log within FortiClient. Solution1. Launch FortiClient.2. Go to File > Settings.3. Expand “Logging” section and enable relevant features for which debug is required.4. Set “Log level” as “Debug”...
DescriptionThis article addresses the configuration of a FortiGate unit as a NTP server.SolutionWhen you configure system time from the System Information dashboard widget, you can configure the FortiGate unit to be a NTP server. As part of the NTP s...
DescriptionWhen a Web-filter profile is cloned, the URL filter table of the parent profile will be reflected in the cloned profile. The URL table in the cloned profile can be modified by using the Command Line Interface (CLI).SolutionParent profileCl...
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