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DescriptionGuest users in FSSO are those who are unknown to the Windows AD or Novell network and servers that do not logon to a Windows AD domain. To enable guest access in an FSSO security policy, an identity-based policy assigned to the built-in us...
DescriptionThis article explains how to run a report on traffic from a specific subnet.ScopeFortiAnalyzer v5.2, v5.4SolutionThis can be done through the filter settings on the report.FortiAnalyzer v5.2Go to Reports > edit the report in question > Adv...
Description FortiLink uses the following protocols: HTTPS (TCP 443) for controlCAPWAP (UDP 5246-7) for legacy functions, SW upgrades etc. If HTTPS access or CAPWAP access is disabled on the downstream device, it may be unable to communicate with the ...
Purpose When using a dialup IPsec VPN from the iOS VPN client, when using certificate authentication, the VPN may fail with the error "Could not validate the server certificate". Expectations, RequirementsWhen using certificate authentication for iOS...
PurposeThis article discusses the case where two HA cluster members are listed on the FortiManager (or FortiAnalyzer) as separate devices.ScopeFortiGate, FortiManager running 5.2+Expectations, Requirements-ConfigurationThis can happen for a number of...