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I want to set the DNS on my fortigate to the interal DNS in a second site. But although I have a working IPSEC VPN tunnel the fortigate itself is unable to access the remote subnet. How can I resolve this issue?
I have SSL Deep inspection enabled. I also happened to update from 5.2.9 to 5.4.3 Saturday night and I don't know if that is part of the problem. But on Google related sites (which makes little sense, it should happen on any site) I am getting an err...
Here is an example URL www.google.com/s?tbm=map&fp=1&gs_ri=maps&suggest=p&authuser=0&h… I have tried unblocking www.google.com/s?tbm=mapHowever that doesn't work. It still gets blocked. Basically I have a whitelist and am trying to add google maps to...
I could do this in version 4 so I assume I can do this is version 5. I want to see how much traffic (in bytes (or megabytes) on each interface. IE I want to see if my interface is maxed out. Can I do this from WITHIN the Fortigate?
I suspect somebody has been down this road before. I setup a new asterisk server behind the firewall. It has an internal IP, and it has a VIP assigned to it. The relevant rules are (for now for testing). piaf= (for example). PIAF (VIP) ext...