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Hello,I am using FGVM2 with KVM virtualization on a Debian 10 host.I've encountered some performance issues therefore trying to configure DPDK. When I attempt to enable it via the FG VM CLI, I receive the following error message:"This platform has ol...
Hello Experts, I'm interested in RFC 2544 testing as it pertains to Fortigate VMs. Specifically, I'd like to understand Fortigate's approach to throughput testing. They provide online throughput figures for their VMs and mention details like server s...
Hello Expert, I understand this might seem like a kid's question, but what is the underlining operating system of FortiGate? is it Linux or BSD or something else.
Hello Experts, thanks in advance. I recently came across an advisory from Fortinet regarding a vulnerability with a CVSS score of 7.1 They recommend upgrading to version 7.2.4 or applying a workaround.The workaround suggested involves disabling the "...
Hello Experts, just to wanted to know how many IPsec tunnel can be established on fortigate? is there any way to calculate how much bandwidth , disk , Memory and CPU utilization will be needed to establish each IPsec tunnel? I have two Fortigate Virt...
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