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Does any version of FortiOS support MOBIKE with IKEv2 dialup VPNs (using the built-in client on Windows 7/8/10)? I am able to successfully connect but the "status" as reported in Windows always shows a "no" for MOBIKE support. I have spotted "process...
Does anyone know when (or IF) a new CLI reference manual will be released for 5.4? I find the current edition (June 2016) to be useless and, seemingly, a major step backwards from prior releases.
I generally have issues with TFTP across VPN tunnels, depending upon the interface order. It seems that there's no way to define a source IP for "exec backup config tftp" in the same way "exec ping-options source" exists for plain PING. What I've dis...
It's my understanding that wildcards are not supported in FQDN address objects and this is confirmed by the statement "Wildcards are not supported in FQDN address objects" (FortiOS Handbook v5.2.3, page 915). However, a factory reset of v5.2.4 on a 6...
I am having trouble with throughput and the SSL VPN on both Windows and Mac clients. Latency from the client to the Fortigate is about 30ms with bandwidth in both directions of at least 10mbps. Starting with the Mac, I can achieve full expected perfo...
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