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hi,i'm trying to document our FG. how do i view/check the configured pre-shared key string?can this be viewed in the GUI or via CLI only? where in the GUI or what command to use?
hi,i'm doing a failover test on FG 401F in HA with iBGP peer to two upstream router.i noticed iBGP peers bounced when failover to secondary. i already had 'session pickup' enabled in HA setting.the link below mentioned most TCP but none specific for ...
hi,i got new FG 401F and i don't see any forticloud key/registration code on the chassis (checked all sides) and no document inside the box. there's also no key on any sides of the box. the 40f i got has forticloud key on top of the chassis. can some...
hi,i'm trying to configure a VDOM link between 'root' and a separate VDOM 'internet' which provides public/internet access. i tried to configure first a plain VDOM link but when i try to edit, i can't add it to an 'npu_vlink' interface.but when i tri...
hi,i just enabled Multi-VDOM in my FGT with HA.i plan to create an Internet access VDOM topology per link below and created a new "Internet" VDOM. ...
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