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Hello,I'm looking for advice on choosing the right firewall model.We are currently using 200E and want to upgrade to a higher model + deploy HA at the same time.The current situation looks like this:- HQ: 300 users, 45 servers- 5 branches (50 users i...
Hello,1x HQ and 15x branch.Each branch has 2x SD-WAN Zones (one for wan1 a wan2 and second for IPsec1 and IPsec2 to the HQ). All traffic is sent through HQ.AD server, DHCP and DNS is running at the HQ and a DHCP relay is set up at each branch. Unfort...
Hi,a strange thing happened to me today.My home firewall 40F (7.2.1) rebooted unexpectedly.I looked in the log and found that the reboot was done by the user "fortigate-tech-support" and the reason was a firmware upgrade (7.2.1->7.2.2)In system/Admin...
Hi,we use FortiGate at a lot of customers and monitor everything using PRTG Network Monitor (latest version found out today that if I monitor traffic in IPsec site2site tunnels I get strange results. Here is a concrete example.FortiGa...
Hello,I would like to process a report of IPS attacks sorted by geolocation (country) for the customer. I'm not familiar with sql - can I request a sample dataset or chart?FAZ 7.2Thank you. Jirka
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