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Hi Team, We have deployed Forti-VM on GCP in Active Active (between external & internal LB).While performing Forti-VM failover test cases, we have observed below behaviour:-When we rebooted one Forti-VM, traffic switched to another Forti-VM we got fe...
Hi Team,We have configured Forti-VM between two load balancers (external & internal). Can anyone tell me how to configure health check from Internal LB to Forti-VM. In GCP console, Internal LB is showing unhealthy. we have configured TCP port 8008 on...
Hi Team, We have deployed fortigate in Active/Active in GCP between 2 load balancers (external & internal).We are facing issue in ingress traffic, in External LB both Forti-VM is healthy.When user from the internet try to hit external IP of External ...
Hi, I am deploying Fortigate Standalone on GCP, FG deployment was successful. In GCP we have created 4 VPCs (unprotected, protected, App & DB). VPC peering is configured between protected vpc to App vpc and between protected vpc to DB vpc via versa. ...
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