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Re: [FGT1000D(6.2.3)] NET/Packet Capture/Edit "capture broke" ? Created an Interface capture, then started the capturing process. Capture began successfully.Then exited the EDIT process and the capture status displayed "Not Running"Re-edited, and res...
FGT3KD # exec usb-dev discDisconnecting.the first usb device connection is interrupted, the reconnection will try after 10 seconds. It's safe to unplug the device right now Any hints as to changing the DEFAULT reconnect time greater than 10 seconds??...
Our new Fortimail appliance (400) refuses the typical admin login on port 1 SSH admin works fine. We have tried all major web browsers.We executed a factory reset.Yes, password is blank.Yes, "admin" Any suggestions????
We have 3 VDOMs. If I disable the use of VDOMs. Will all VDOM settings be lost?
Goal: backup FULL config file, then revise the backup text file for all vdoms in the text backup file, then RESTORE revised text file. While studying the fortinet sites to determine best ways to accomplish the above, I found this KB:http://kb.fortine...