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Blocking action on Palo Alto Firewall fails intermittently. We have seen that when we call the mitigation playbook to block a list of IOCs, the blocking action fails intermittently. Can anyone provide some help on this? Block action failingBlock Succ...
One of the customers has a use case where he wants to enforce the reset password and also wants to throw the user out of any active logged-in sessions. Can someone help?
Our customer has a use case to be able to update certain tags for the VMs using NSX. However, the current NSX connector available on FortiSOAR does not provide any action using which we can update tags for the VMs. Can someone please help on this?
We have a customer use case to be addressed using Active Directory connector version 2.2.1. The use case is to be able to enforce the reset of the password on the next login. The current active directory connector does not have an option "Force chang...
In the below connector code from operations.py it is observed that the xpath is misspelled as 'xapth' when defining the data variable. My guess is this will never work. This might have been missed as unblock IP action is not the most commonly used ac...
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