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Good day all! I had a quick question. Is it possible to provide access to view a playbook at a high level but restrict access to be able to view the details of each individual playbook action? For example:Allowed visibilityDenied visibility Also need...
Good day all, I was wondering how I could create a dashboard that leverages data collected via a scheduled playbook? The goal is to create a security engineer dashboard where key metrics could be reviewed as part of a shift checklist. I already have ...
Good day all, I would like to know when FortiSOAR is going to support MFA via HOTPs (HMAC-based One-time Password) or TOTPs (Time-based One-time Password). It seems like the platform currently only supports MFA via SMS or voice (see screencap below) ...
Good day allI was wondering if anyone in the community has been uses FortiSOAR's Qualys integration to update asset tags and if so would they be willing to share the playbook steps used to accomplish this.Thanks!
Good day,Having this community discussion webpage is nice but would really like to see a Slack channel for this and other Fortinet products. Does anyone from the Fortinet side know if there are plans to start one up?
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