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Dears, Can someone explain why FRANCE IP subnet denied while other country is OK. Im whitelisting geographical onfirewall policy to allowed which country can access our external MAP IP with assign port. Below logs shows for references. regards,
Gentleman,I need support, show below that port 2601 on server that is map on loopback is getting reset, but going direct to server port is open. Need some help why going to loopback is resetting.
Gents, Need some help here.. I setup s2s. Tunnel is up and both p1 and p2 are up, however I encounter issue. Customer can't reach my loopback ip but loopback ip can reach and ping customer ip. I've attached diagram and log result for everyone's infor...
Gents, Need your assistance here.. i have a s2s connection and i want the remote side to access my server ports through loopback interface. s2s is up and able to reach my loopback interface, however my VIPs port forwarding using loopback is not respo...
Hi everyone, I having an issue on FTP receiving response error 425 unable to build connection using external ip (Map on Fortigate), but using internal connection its working fine. Anyone encounter such problem? appreciate your help. regards,