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HiCould you help me solve this problem, the following image appears when I want to make a VPN-SSL connection through forticlient on a MacOS computer, from what I see it may be issues of permissions to a process, but if someone can help me explain mor...
Hello I am evaluating migrating the dns service to fortigate, until now I have been able to configure it so that it resolves addresses by name, but it also does so by IP, what I want to achieve is that it does not resolve by IP, and only does so by n...
Hello I am trying to create a second authentication factor for my ssl-vpn users and firewall administrators in my Fortigate, this by enabling the email-server option, I have already done it correctly with gmail, but it seems that as of May 30 the pol...
HI, I'm trying to perform an ipsec between a fortigate device and a teltonika rut950, and I can't get it, I'm looking for an idea of why or if there is no compatibility
Hi, I have a fgt with three VDOM's, in one I have the internet interfaces and the traffic of the other two goes through the internet to be able to navigate, my problem is that I want to add a super admin user in global configuration with two-factor a...
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