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Hi,Is possible to prevent rogue DHCP server on a VLAN segment with Fortigate?Maybe with a custom IPS signature? Thanks
hi, i'm trying to create a report that also includes the fortianalyzer archived logs in an easy way.I found this guide ( but it doesn't see...
Hi,which are the parts of the configuration that the fortigate does not synchronize in the HA Active-Passive?for example, are the ip of the interfaces synchronized? Thanks
Hi,I don't understand why the memory of my Fortigate continues to grow, even if the traffic is approximately the same of 6 months ago...Thanks for the support.
Hi,If I wanted to return to NAT mode after configure the Fortigate in transparent mode with firewall policies, security policies, etc.. What are the steps?Obviously remove the commands of transparent mode and assign ip addresses on interfaces. Other ...
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