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DescriptionThis article explains how to monitor the progress of an SQL Database rebuild. Rebuilding the SQL database can be a lengthy process if you have a large volume of raw logs. SolutionPrior to FortiAnalyzer 5.2.1, the only direct method of dete...
DescriptionBackground: Incoming traffic matching a firewall VIP is considered destination NAT. In this scenario, Routing / Policy lookup is executed after destination NAT has been performed. For information on the order in which inspection is car htt...
DescriptionLimitation:If a FortiGate (FGT) is discovered by a FortiManager (FMG) behind a NAT device, then the set fmg IP value is NOT set automatically on FGT. As a result, the FortiGate will not be able to initiate an FGFM tunnel to the FortiManage...
Descriptionfilter "none" can be used to capture 802.1q tagging on Fortigate.SolutionFGT60C# diagnose sniffer packet internal1 "none" 6 0 ainterfaces=[internal1]filters=[none]pcap_lookupnet: internal1: no IPv4 address assigned2013-10-09 05:30:32.55025...
Description[Topology or network layout]FGT-Ue_L3(Agg)(.1)||||(.2)(Untrust)FGT200B(Port15)(.1)|46.46.46/0/24|(.158)PC- "Untrust" is an aggregate interface based on port13 and port14.- pc1 sends ping packet to FGT-Ue_L3( PC s...