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Hello team, The attached file has the steps to show how to deploy a Hot Standby FortiGate HA in AWS using CloudFormation template. A simplistic diagram is also attached to visialize what is being deployed. Since there is no access to Layer 2 in AWS, ...
Hello team, If you want to restore a config file from a existing FortiGate instance to a new one, there are some edits that needs to be done to make the restore work successfully. They are as follows. a) Make sure that the port1 configuration is set ...
Hello all, FortiOS 5.4.1 is certified by AWS and is available right now. Attaching the Template and also step by step instructions on how to launch a single FortiGate in a VPC using a CloudFormation Template. Regards, Praveen Lokesh
The following applies to all the Fortinet products in AWS that use BYOL licensing model. (FortiGate-VM/FortiWeb-VM/FortiAnalyzer-VM/FortiManager-VM/FortiMail-VM/FortiWeb Manager) There would be situations where BYOL licenses for Fortinet products in ...
In order to a DMZ setup or East-West traffic in AWS using FortiGate-VM, you need to change the default gateway of all the hosts to the FortiGate internal interface IP address for each subnet. Obviously, this needs some manual work but using some auto...