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DescriptionThe server mode FortiMail is set up and webmail users can access the domain address book.This article describes how to configure Thunderbird and access to the FortiMail address book.SolutionOpen up the Address Book in Thunderbird and creat...
DescriptionThis article explains how to know the difference between DFS Folder path and Local Folder Path. When configuring SSL VPN Bookmark, the following information is required.When you configure SSL VPN Bookmark do you need know the follow.ScopeP...
DescriptionWhen available disk space is low on a FortiAnalyzer, an effective approach to freeing up disk space is to target deletion of some of the data which is stored as files (rather than logs): DLP files Packet log files Quarantined files If thes...
DescriptionOne of the modifications made in FortiAnalyzer version 5.4 is that the secure shell can only be activated by using the CLI.ScopeFortiAnalyzer troubleshooting.SolutionWith the default settings, access to shell will give the following messag...
DescriptionThe number of disks you have may be a factor in deciding the number of groups you use in building a RAID array. For example, if you have 15 disks, two groups of 7 disks would leave 1 disk unused. In order to make use of all disks, it would...