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DescriptionWhen a user connects to a wireless network with internal captive portal authentication, the device is redirected to url: https://x.x.x.x:1003. Since FortiGate is installed with standard certificate, the user is presented with an SSL warnin...
DescriptionThis article explains which EAP type should be enabled on the RADIUS server when tunnel termination is enabled on the FortiGate for PEAP-MSCHAPV2 authentication.SolutionThe purpose of enabling tunnel termination for wpa2-enterprise profile...
DescriptionThis article explains why the display indicating the maximum managed FortiAPs in Managed FortiAP page of the FortiGate may show an incorrect or lesser value than the value specified in data sheet.SolutionThe display on the Managed FortiAP ...
DescriptionThis article addresses Windows clients failing RADIUS authentication with FortiConnect with the error: mschap2 response is not correct.ScopeFortiConnect v16.7SolutionThis may occur because the Active Directory used on FortiConnect uses NTL...
Description Restricting WiFi access based on the DHCP fingerprint of a specific device is not currently supported. Scope All models of FortiWLC, v8.2