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DescriptionThis article describes how to configure Management VLAN for FortiAP-C24J.ScopeFor FortiAP-C24J.SolutionNote: The VLAN from which FortiAP should receive IP address should be configured in tagged VLAN list on the up link switch where FortiAP...
DescriptionThis article describes how force password change for the admin users with 'read only' privilege (created on FortiSwitch) at the first login.SolutionCommands to configure read only access profile on FortiSwitch from CLI.# config system accp...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure import fails on the controller due to secondary interface configuration in backup file.ScopeFor example: there is a backup of a controller which has 2nd interface configured and VLANs are mapped to 2...
DescriptionThis article describes howto map FortiLink (dedicated to FortiSwitch) interface to incoming or outgoing interface in firewall policy.SolutionIn some scenarios like configuring syslog or snmp on a managed FortiSwitch, it is required to crea...
Description Internal captive portal users are unable to connect to the network. A message on the WiFi client show: “The account is not authenticated from this station” The station logs on the controller show: 2017-07-31 12:24:04.771364 | 4c:34:88:23:...