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DescriptionThe article describes how to import PKCS#12 certificate.SolutionPKCS#12 certificate will be there in .pfx or .p12 format and the file will contain key file with it. To import certificate:Go to System -> certificates -> import -> Local Cert...
DescriptionThe article describes how to prevent certificate warnings when deep inspection is enabled in the policy.SolutionGo to Security Profile -> SSL/SSH Inspection, select 'deep-inspection' and select 'Download Certificate'.While browsing, the wa...
DescriptionThe article describes how to disable UUID.SolutionA Universally Unique Identified (UUID) can be used in log analysis and reporting. It allows matching UUIDs for each source and destination that match a policy to be added to the traffic log...
DescriptionThis article provides solution if SSL VPN connection failing due to policy deny.No logs on debug command related to SSL VPN during the issue.# diag debug reset# diag debug app sslvpn -1# diag debug enSolutionRun debug command to check traf...
DescriptionThe article provides solution for admin user issue, if configuration restore option is not appearing.SolutionLogin with super admin user account.Go to Firewall -> System- > Administrators and select the admin user.Edit the admin user under...