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DescriptionThis article describes how to identify if ‘diag sys session clear’ command has been issued to clear session.SolutionTo identify if the ‘diag sys session clear’ command has been issued, is by checking on the ‘flush’ counter.This ‘flush’ cou...
DescriptionThis article describes how to identify the hbdev(heartbeat port) that is used for session sync and config sync in 6/7K Chassis.SolutionBoth 6K and 7K Chassis have multiple hbdev(heartbeat port) which are fixed and built-in.Below is an exam...
DescriptionThis article explains the meaning of for the counter fields in ‘diagnose sys session full-stat’ output.SolutionBelow is the output of ‘diagnose test application ipsmonitor 14’ debug commands output: # diag sys session full-statsession tabl...
DescriptionThis article esxplains the reason why interface status show as ‘down’ on all FPMs but show as ‘up’ on FIMs when the interface is connected.Solution Symptoms. 1) Interface shows up (green) on the Web Management GUI. 2) From debug commands ‘...
DescriptionThis article provides useful diagnostics commands for troubleshooting NTrubo related issues.SolutionDebug command:fnsysctl cat /proc/nturbo//drv <------ '' is the NTurbo ID.# fnsysctl cat /proc/nturbo/0/drvTurbo interface ID: 0 ===========...