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DescriptionSometimes users want to use RDP without losing their privileges and without adding a user on the 'ignore list'. This articles describes the method to modify a Windows registry to avoid this behavior. SolutionModify the registry Keys on dom...
DescriptionIn order to solve MSS (Maximum Segment Size) mismatch, the size of the MSS can be changed on the policies of the FortiGate.SolutionBased on the previous diagram:1. If the issue occurs when a user on internal tries to visit a site on “web s...
DescriptionThe FortiGuard DDNS can be configured when using a private IP address on the “wan” interface in order to get management access to a FortiGate.Solution1. Configure a private IP address on the “wan” interface. Note that the FortiGate must be...
DescriptionThis article describes how to sign a CSR on FortiAuthenticator. FortiAuthenticator can be used to sign a Certificate Sign Request (CSR) generated by other device like a FortiGate.Solution1. First, a Certificate Authority(CA) is required to...
DescriptionIn order to strengthen inspection between a FortiGate and users, certificates can be used to inspect SSL connections. Solution1. Create a CA with openSSL (Linux)Edit the file /etc/ssl/openssl.cnfdir = /root/CA[ policy_match ]countryName = ...