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DescriptionThe conserve mode self protections mechanisms will be changed in 5.6, main differences are : - no more distinction between "kernel" versus "Proxy" or "system" types of conserve mode - definition of 3 thresholds "green", "red", "extreme", a...
PurposeThe purpose for this article is to clarify how Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) is implemented on the FortiGate.It also explains how the vdom specific cli setting "config system settings -> set strict-src-check" modifies the RPF behaviour.Behavio...
Purpose This article explains how to use the online "FortiGuard Analysis and Managed Service" (FAMS) to backup and restore a FortiGate configuration.The FAMS service is a free service allowing storage of up to 1 GB of data for low end units which are...
Purpose Presents pre-ips anomaly feature available on NP2 and NP4 accelerators.NP2 and NP4 are 2 types of network accelerators. They may be either on the FortiGate board or within an interface module. Example for NP2: on board: FortiGate310B, FortiGa...
PurposePresents the hardware accelerated SYN proxy feature available with SP modules from CE4, XE2, XG2 cards and FortiGate 3140B.ScopeFortiGate with Service Processor (build-in or with module)Modules: ADM-XE2, ASM-CE4, FMC-XG2FortiGate: FortiGate 31...