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Hello folks, My client is requesting redundancy on Fortisiem 2000F appliance.Wanted to ask whether it is doable or not? Thanks
Hi all,I am planning to use FSSO to authenticate my SSL VPN users.I need your kind advice wether is it safe to cennect my Fortigate direcly to the prodaction LDAP server ( my AD domain controller) or should I better create a RODC in the DMZ and conne...
Hi all,I created a SSL vpn with full access.I am able to connect to the VPN portal via web browser.When trying to access an internal https service, I receive this message:"SSL VPN Proxy ErrorThe proxy server could not handle the request GET /proxy/59...
Dear all, My understand of this topic is that Fortimail is used when we have a dedicated mail server (exchange, lotus...) for our enterprise.Fortigate mail filtering is used to protect users from threats coming from public email servers (gmail, yahoo...
Hi all,I have an upstream WSUS server in my DMZ which should be allowed to only access the Microsoft update services resumed in these urls:[link]https://*[/link] [link]https://*[/link] [link]http://*.windowsupdate.c...
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