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Hello All,I am running 6.2.4. I have a new Internet connection via AussieBroadBand here in Aus. Our link is DHCP but we have two static IP addresses coming in on the same link. The two IP Addresses are both /32 addresses. I have created a virtual IP ...
ooops. wrong forum. 
Hi All,we have just received a new internet connection. Our ISP have given us one DHCP address (which has been reserved for us) and another static IP address. I have configured the interface using the DHCP option which correctly receives all the requ...
Hi All,not sure if this was happening before the upgrade to 6.2.4, but I have recently discovered that our fortigate is no longer filtering https traffic.We are forced to use an upstream proxy, with all web traffic heading out directed at the upstrea...
Hi All,we recently upgrade the firmware to 6.2.2, then to 6.2.4. Now, we are getting random certificate errors when trying to visit websites. It doesn't happen all the time, just every now and then, and for totally different sites. However, it's alwa...
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