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Hello, Update my FG200D to 6.0.3 and I find that Wildcard FQN can no longer be used in the IPv4 or Explicit proxy policy rules. Before with 5.4.5 I had rules in Explicit Proxy that allowed access to * for example to a single user. Now h...
Hello, I want to make a detailed report of all VPN connection in a time range, but I need a list with login and logout date and time and vpn tunnel. any example of the dataset? a list of all filed in database? thanks.
Hi, After update to 6.0.3 on FG100D it stop loggin to a remote FortiAnalyzer. I've update a 200D in the same network that FortiAnalyzer and log to it work's ok. FortiAnalyzer was update to 6.0.3 too. why can't log remote in 6.0.3 and in 5.4 worked ok...
Hi, I currently have version 5.4.5 installed and I use Ipsec VPN with Forticlient installed on the notebooks. When I installed 5.6 all ipsec VPNs stopped working and apparently I needed an SSL certificate. I went back to 5.4.5 and the VPN came back t...
Hi, I need to enable access to Whatsapp Web and wechat Web for 2 users only. Currently the PCs of the users access the internet by Proxy. Do I need to configure a WebFilter or an Application Control? I have firmware 5.4 and 6.0.3 Thank you.
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