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Hi all. I´ve configured a FL100 and I want to repair database. I Follow this steps: 1- Change logs mode from standalone to collector 2- Disable sql database 3- remove database: execute sql-local remove-db All from cli. But i can not enable database ...
Hi all!. I recently downgrade a 80C appliance from 4MR2 to 4MR1.4. 2 days after, ISP change their DNS and Fortiguard web filter fails at this moment. Investiganing I can see this in system configuration: Show system dns: config system dns set primary...
On Fortigate 50B in NAT mode i configure this complex scenario: 1- 4 VLAN, with ID 1 (default, ID 100 (, ID 101 ( and ID 200 ( 2- 2 ADSL on WAN1 and WAN2, PRB on WAN1 for VLANs 1,100 and 101, ...
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