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DescriptionAgentless NTLM authentication can be configured directly from the FortiGate to the Domain Controller using the SMB protocol (no agent is required). This authentication method is only supported for proxy policies. The set domain-controller ...
DescriptionCustom VM might fail to activate if custom VM is not configured properly or does not meet the requirements. This article provides check list to investigate it. Solution-Run Virtual box and check the following settings:Make sure Network 'ad...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure and troubleshoot ftp proxy on FortiGate.SolutionThe FortiGate ftp explicit feature enables explicit FTP proxying of IPv4 and IPV6 traffic on one or more FortiGate interfaces.To access ftp services, u...
DescriptionApplications like Bonjour (used for airplay, airprint, apple TV), dynamic routing protocols, and video streaming use multicast traffic for communication. This knowledge article explains how to forward multicast traffic on a FortiGate devic...
DescriptionThis article explains how to keep a WiFi network on the same subnet as LAN or desired VLAN network. This is important as a FortiGate unit requires each network interface to have a single unique network segment. SolutionTo create the bridge...
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