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I have a problem getting a WAN connection through VIP to a virtual server (with Roundrobin).The virtual server works internally.If I point the VIP to one of the servers in the Virtual server it works.The policy for the Virtual server also includes th...
Hi, Looking for a way to open for outgoing traffic to a website. The website gets data/videostreams etc from different sources.Is that possible without Investigeing all the sources?Like a function that accept other urls from a granted site/session?
Hi,I have a fortiswitch with a Vlan that I would like to add to an existing 802.3ad Aggregated interface in the FG so the Vlan can be accessed in our spine. How do I do that? I can't find a way to add the fortswitch (Fortilink interface) vlan to the ...
Hi, running Fortigate 6.4 with Forti APs.Looking for setting up WPA2 Ent with a single local user and cert on the Windows clients to only allow clients with the cert (instead of using MAC filtering). Is that doable and can someone point me in the rig...
Is it possible in the Fortigate to do URL binding?Like multiple websites on port 443 points to the same VIP and from there they direct to different internal destinations dependent on the URL. Like in Ms IIS Site Bindings.
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