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Are there plans for Fortinet to start providing image checksums that are not based on the easily breakable md5 algorithm? As a security company I'd have thought Fortinet would have moved away from md5 a long time ago... Regards,Matthew
Does anyone know when the next 5.2.x firmware will be released? When I spoke to our local SE three weeks ago I was told it was scheduled to be released last week, but considering it isn't out I'm assuming it's now slipped. We're waiting on this relea...
Just an FYI,, I wouldn' t say it' s as bad as heartbleed but it' s definitely not good. Regards, Matthew
Does anyone know how the Fortigates session tracking works when an interface is first brought up? I ask as we' re about to do a forklift upgrade of our Production sites from a 1240B HA Cluster to a 1500D HA cluster. We' re using a FortiManager to tak...
I know I can get access to the debug logs by using https://fac/debug/ but it would be really nice to be able to get those same debug logs sent to our SIEM. We use our FAC' s as a part of our Dot1X solution where they take the Radius Accounting from o...
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