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Today when i connect to FortiGate Cloud received this notification that effective Aug 4th we cant have remote access to our FortiGate with our free subscription (Read Only) Any idea if my understanding is correct
tried to search with no luck Using the fortigate cloud manager how many fortigate can i manage with single account? Thanks
I have FG40F and i want to do redandant internet connection Active\standby but i dont have static IP its DHCP from the ISP providers both ISP's are DHCP if they have static IP then its easy to add two static IP's with deferent priority but is it poss...
I have FortiGate 61E and we use Google suites Google Workspace for our office email, chat, etc. We have wired issue that the Google Gmail, chat, etc. keep disconnect the users and they cant connect again, during that time all other sites will open wi...
I have FG60F and this default fortilink type is FortiLink (802.3ad Aggregate)With this i can connect only one Fortiswicth and cascade the other switches, but it will cause single point of failure I need to change the fortilink type to Hardware switch...
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